About the IBEAR MBA Program

The IBEAR MBA is a top-ranked, full-time, one-year, accelerated program for mid-career professionals who are preparing for leadership roles in international business. With a strong global focus and limited to a select group of 57 people, a typical IBEAR class features participants from 12-17 countries and a diverse range of industries and professions. With an average age of 34.5 and an average of 10.5 years of work experience (minimum of 6 years), IBEAR participants come from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America to earn the prestigious USC Marshall MBA degree after 12 months of intensive study. The capstone course of the program is a client-commissioned, management-consulting project. Over a 4-month period, teams of 5-6 participants work with the client to solve one of its important business challenges. Travel for research (both international & domestic) is a mandatory component of each project. All travel costs are borne by the program.

This is a very exciting time to be at the USC Marshall School of Business. Both US News & World Report and Financial Times have named IBEAR as one of the “Top MBA Programs for International Business.” Our mission at IBEAR is to transform experienced professionals into multi-culturally minded global leaders.

Some recent features of the IBEAR MBA Program:

  • Scholarships of up to $45,000 available (50% of tuition & fees) for highly-qualified individuals. These are available for both international and American participants.
  • Rent subsidies of $750/month available for single apartments and $1,250/month for family apartmentsin the “IBEAR Residential Complex” (50% subsidy for self-sponsored participants only).
  • 10-day international business trip is a required component of the program; paid for by the program. The 2014 trip was to Marshall’s Pacific Rim Business Forum in Yangon www.marshallpacrimforum.org
  • Two Company Treks within the US each yearto explore post- IBEAR career options. Cities visited by the 2014-15 class are New York and Seattle. Participants get the opportunity to network with leadership teams at each company visited. Companies range from Fortune 500 companies to cutting edge start-ups. The program pays for the cost of travel and hotel.

For more information about IBEAR, please visit our website at www.marshall.usc.edu/ibear. View our “Why An IBEAR MBA?” film at www.marshall.usc.edu/ibear/admissions to get a broad overview of the program and  alumni insights. You can also explore IBEAR in videos on our “Dashboard” on the home page of our website. If you are interested in having an informational interview with an admissions representative, please contact us at ibearmba@marshall.usc.edu. If you happen to be visiting Los Angeles soon, we encourage you to come to campus to audit a class and meet with current participants and faculty.

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